Golden Gate Live Steamers

Continuous Dedication to Live Steaming & Model Engineering Since 1936

GGLS Club House

Due to the generous donations by past and present members, our library has a very extensive collection of periodicals, magazines & books relating to live steam, model engineering and railroading.  It is available to all the members free of charge and is considered by some as one of the major benefits of being a club member (so please take advantage of it if you are a member).


The club policy on lending club library material to members is pretty liberal.  We request that any member borrowing material from the club inform the librarian and have the borrower leave a slip of paper with the borrower's name and the date in which is was checked out.  Please keep the borrowing period to under one month as a courtesy to other members.

Borrowing of club material by non-members is not allowed and it is requested that a club member be contacted as an intermediary to obtain the material.  It is also possible to contact the librarian to occasionally obtain a scanned image of the document for private use only.

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